Frequently Asked Questions

What ages do you have teams for?
Ages 5-14 (U06-U15)

How are the ages broken into team?
All ages are based on a cut-off of September 1 (same as school).  As the BYSA board forms teams, we will be trying to keep children in the same school grade on the same team. Teams are gender specific, and not co-ed. The board may decide to move children up or down an age bracket depending on team size, availability of coaches, etc.  Ultimately, player movement is up to the discrestion of the BYSA Board. The age categories below are a general guideline:
U06 = Children age 5-6, Kinder (age 5 and up)
U08 = Children ages 6-7, First/Second Grade
U09 = Children age 8, Third Grade
U10 = Children age 9, Fourth Grade
U11 = Children age 10, Fifth Grade
U12 = Children age 11, Sixth Grade
U13 = Children age 12, Seventh Grade (often merged with 8th grade team due to numbers)
U14 = Children age 13, Eighth Grade (often merged with 7th grade team due to numbers)
U15 = Children age 14, Ninth Grade (going in to high school, pending birthday may play on 8th team)

How much does it cost?
$70 per child on or before 7/4 ($20 early registration discount)
$90 per child after 7/4
Uniforms are ordered seperately from registration, cost $17 and includes jerseys.  Shorts and socks can be purchased through our uniform supplier or purchased separately.  Shorts need to be blue or black (Walmart is good for cheap sports shorts).

What does my registration fee pay for?
Though we are volunteer-run organization, we still have many costs associated with operating our organization. These expenses are what your registration covers. This includes, but is not limited to: field rental, league fees, coach and player insurance, referees, team and scheduling administration, and team equipment. Despite these costs, we are still one of the lowest priced soccer associations in the area!

Can I cancel after I've registered?
If you cancel before the 2nd week of August, you will receive a full refund minus a $10 reimbursement fee.

What if I just broke my arm/just got my ears pierced?
Per the league rules - No Jewelry or Casts of any kind may be worn in Games or Practices. No player is permitted to participate while wearing any cast made of rigid material. This is regardless of the padding that may be applied. There is often confusion on this point because some organizations (e.g., high school and some competitive leagues) do allow players with casts if padded to the satisfaction of the referee. That is NOT the case in TVYSL games. No jewelry is allowed including items with tape or band aids covering them. This is strictly for the safety of all players. See cancellation policy.

When is registration?
Registration typically opens in May and closes at the end of July. Teams are formed at the end of July or early August.

What equipment do I need?
Shin guards, soccer cleats, appropriately sized soccer ball, water bottle. That's it!

Soccer Ball sizes:
Size 3 - the smallest balls and are generally used for children under the age of 6 (Kinder and younger)
Size 4 - Size 4 balls are used for players between the ages of 7-12 (1st-6th grade)
Size 5 - This is the international standard match ball for all ages 12 and older, including all adult play (7th/8th grade through high school)

When do practices start?
Practices typically begin mid-late August, with games beginning in September.  Most teams practice twice per week, with games on Saturdays.  The U06 teams have games twice during the week, usually Monday and Wednesday (none on Saturday) instead of practices. Times and locations vary by coach and team.

How long is the Fall season?
U06 teams play until the end of September.  All other age groups play until the end of October (on occasion some teams may have a game in the first week of November). Games are played as a Jamboree on the season opening weekend (i.e. multiple, shorter games). For older teams, Jamboree is the last weekend of the season

Where are games played?
U06 games are all played in Banks at Greenville Park. U08 games are mostly played in Banks at Greenville Park, with possibly a few games played in Vernonia. U09 and up are played with a Hillsboro Soccer League with most games in Hillsboro and the potential to have a few as far as Scappoose, Tillamook or Astoria, depending on which leagues choose to play with TVYSL. Times and locations vary greatly.

Does BYSA have a Spring soccer season?
The Spring season is an opportunity for Fall coaches to keep their teams conditioned throughout the year.  If a coach decides to have a team in the following Spring, the coach will contact his/her team. Typically, we don't have open registration for Spring seasons, it is organized by coaches and a team-by-team basis. We only offer Spring soccer to Grades 3-8.

What type of organization in BYSA and what is your annual budget?
BYSA is an all volunteer run, 501c(3) non-profit organization managed by our Board of Directors. Please click here for updated budget and expenses report.

What are the BYSA organizational Bylaws?
You can download and read our bylaws here.